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$2,313.65 Saved On Hawaiian Vacation...
Megan Elizabeth and her husband stayed at the Hilton Hokulani Waikiki and saved over $2,313.65 (77%) compared to booking on Expedia.
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*Use The Following Information To Look Inside The Travel Portal:
Guest Member ID: 79318
Password: INVPresent
“A Quick Recap Of The Renaissance Travel Membership...”
Exclusive Renaissance Membership
($9,995 Value)
  •  Access To Over 5,000 Resorts World Wide
  • Weekly Prices Ranging From $398-$799
  • Trips 80%-90% Off Expedia & Travelocity
  • 1 Payment For 200 YEAR Membership*
  • UNLIMITED Travel Weeks Per Year
  • Referral Program Available If You Would Like To Earn Commissions For Referring Others To Renaissance
*Starting 2019 an annual fee of $99 will be charged by the travel provider to continue your lifetime membership.  This fee is to cover the cost of merchant and website administration fees. 

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Unlike other travel clubs who make vague promises about member benefits, we like to grab our smartphones and video cameras and actually show you resorts we visit and experience…
along with the pricing we paid compared to the public pricing. 

Enjoy the videos below...
$3,702 Saved On A Maui, Hawaii Vacation…
Shannon Hoverson and her family stayed at a 2 bedroom unit at the Ka’anapali beach club and saved over $3,702 (82%)
compared to booking on Expedia.
Beautiful Colorado - $398/week, Saved Over $2,000!
$1,604.96 Saved on Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Vacation…
Mark Hoverson and his family also stayed at the Hacienda Del Mar Vacation Club
and saved over $1,604.96 (75%) compared to booking on Expedia.
Another Amazing Maui, Hawaii Vacation Savings!
- $799/week Saved Over $3,500!

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(Due to COVID19)

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Here's WHY you may NEVER stay in a hotel Again:
  • UNLIMITED Access to over 5000 Resorts Worldwide
  • ​Resorts including but NOT limited to the following:  
  • ​Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, Shell, Welks, RCI & San Francisco Exchange Networks
  • ​"Purchasing Power" along with over 30,000 other private members.
  • ​This allows the Resorts to offer their weeks inside OUR club without having to pay high advertising costs.
  • ​Which us to offer our members anywhere from 50-80% off compared to: 
  • ​Expedia, Travelocity, and Other competitive Public Pricing!
  • ZERO Timeshare entanglements! 
  • ​No Ongoing Timeshare Mortgage Payments!
  • ​No FORCED weeks you have to 'use' or you 'lose' them.
  • ONLY pay for the weeks you purchase!
  • ​YOU choose the weeks!
  • You choose the Location!
  • ​Have the feeling of having thousands of mini-vacation homes & Condos!
  • ​Enjoy Access to Resorts:
  • ​Alongside the finest Mountains, Theme Parks, Lakes, Golf Courses and Beaches of the World
  • ​Pay ONLY $398-$798 per week!
  • Most Properties come with:
  • ​Balconies, Kitchens, Living Rooms, Master Bedrooms and Kid's Activities
  • ​Access to Cruises, All-Inclusive Resorts, Members to Members Area and MORE!
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In The Video Below!

 Note: Due to the nature of our business RENAISSANCE TRAVEL CLUB has a strict 3-day refund policy. 
Three days is equal to three business days.

If you need support, please email or call Client Concierge at 866-623-1775
Monday - Friday 10AM - 4PM PST

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